Diet Calorie Calculator WordPress Plugin

Introducing the Diet Calorie Calculator, a versatile WordPress plugin tailored for health enthusiasts, fitness trainers, and nutrition coaches. This dynamic tool empowers users to determine their daily calorie intake based on individualized factors such as activity level and weight goals. Whether you aim to maintain, lose, or gain weight, the Diet Calorie Calculator offers personalized recommendations to optimize dietary outcomes.

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Key Features of Diet Calorie Calculator:

  • Live Calculations: Instantly view calorie requirements based on input data, fostering real-time decision-making.
  • Email Capture: Seamlessly collect user emails via an integrated newsletter form, facilitating effective communication and engagement.
  • Email User Results: Allow users to receive calculated results via email, ensuring accessibility and convenience.
  • Units Conversion: Easily switch between different units for enhanced user experience, accommodating diverse preferences.
  • BMR Mifflin—St. Jeor Formula: Accurately calculate Basal Metabolic Rate within your WordPress website, utilizing a trusted formula for precision.
  • Klaviyo Newsletter Integration: Connect with Klaviyo for effective newsletter campaigns, maximizing outreach and engagement.
  • Admin Notifications: Receive notifications in the admin dashboard for user interactions, enabling prompt response and management.
  • Custom Styling: Customize the appearance to match your website’s design, ensuring seamless integration and aesthetic harmony.
  • Ready for Translation: Translate into different languages for a global audience, promoting inclusivity and accessibility.
  • RTL Support: Full support for RTL languages for improved user experience, catering to diverse linguistic needs.

How It Works

Our plugin offers a convenient shortcode for effortless integration into various sections of your website, be it pages, posts, or widgets, ensuring seamless accessibility and versatility in placement.


Customize the Diet Calorie Calculator to your preferences with its refined and user-friendly interface, enabling effortless tailoring to match your website’s aesthetic. Adjust parameters and configurations with simplicity and elegance, ensuring an intuitive user experience.

Email Capture

Utilize the plugin as a potent marketing tool with its Email capture option, seamlessly integrated with Klaviyo for enhanced marketing strategies. Capture user emails effortlessly and leverage them for targeted campaigns and personalized communication, maximizing engagement and conversion.

Precise BMR Calculation and Daily Calories Target

Unlock precise calculations for Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) and daily calorie requirements using the trusted Mifflin—St. Jeor formula provides users with reliable insights into their nutritional needs. Ensure accuracy and relevance in dietary planning, empowering users to make informed decisions for their health and wellness journey.

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