MWP WordPress Diet Calories Calculator

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It’s a WordPress plugin that allows you to calculate the amount of calories which is needed to maintain your daily activities. Also, it can help you to calculate your daily calorie requirement for maintaining weight, weight loss, and weight gain, using different metric systems (metric or imperial). By the way, it also has possibilities to calculate calories for workout day and rest day calories.

In addition to the above properties, the MWP Diet Calories Calculator has a lot of parameters that can be useful for you during the planning of your diet.

So what do we have out of the box, let’s see…

Our WordPress Diet Calories Calculator suggests to you the next parameters (out of the box), which can be calculated:

  • BMR – Basal Metabolic Rate
  • TDEE – Total Daily Energy Expenditure
  • BMI – Body Mass Index
  • LBM – Lean Body Mass
  • FBM – Fat Body Mass
  • WTH – Waist to Height
  • MFM – Maximum Fat Metabolism
  • MRDC – Minimum Recommended Daily Calories
  • Workout Calories
  • Rest Calories
  • Weeks to Goal – Number of weeks to reach goal weight
  • Obesity Class

All this functionality contains a customizable form that can be placed in any part of a post or page with the help of WordPress shortcode.

MWP Diet Calories Calculator has the next features:

  • It’s Responsive
  • Supports Bootstrap 4 & Bootstrap 5 frameworks
  • It uses Shortcode
  • Elementor shortcode support
  • RTL support available
  • Ready for translation
  • WPML support available
  • TinyMCE Shortcode
  • AJAX Calculations (the form processed without reloading)
  • Contains over 100 Google fonts
  • Colors customization
  • Admin section
  • You can choose which parameter to calculate for the diet result section
  • Calculating in Imperial(in, lbs) and Metric(cm, kg) system
  • You can calculate BMR using different methods: Mifflin-St Jeor, Harris-Benedict, Katch-Macardle, Cunningham


  • English default
  • Spanish (Spain), es_ES
  • Deutsch (machine translation with editing), de_DE
  • French (machine translation with editing), fr_FR
  • Polish (machine translation with editing), pl_PL


Want to see a more or buy this wordpress plugin on Codecanyon?!

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